Biggest Loser Theology Part 2


It’s a word I have found myself using a lot lately.  Although it does not sound that exciting or flashy, it is an important word to have in the back of your mind.  The Biggest Loser is just one of many different things that has had me thinking more about what things in my life are sustainable and what things are not.  For the contestants on the show, one of the biggest unknowns on the show is what will happen to them once they leave the ranch.   It is a whole different ballgame without the unique support and encouragement (or kick in the pants) from their trainers along with the camaraderie of their teammates.  (Read part one of Biggest Loser Theology here)

Biggest Loser Contestants

Biggest Loser Contestants

This is why having a plan that is sustainable is so important.  Having a compelling enough “why” behind it is also key (read part one of Biggest Loser Theology here).  If short term success can be grabbed, it is only valuable if it lasts.  Think about it.  If you went through a boot camp tailored to fix something in your life that you felt was lacking and experience quick results, that’s awesome!  However, fast forward months later.  In the event you are right back where you started, it would almost seem that you would be in a worse off position.  It would be defeating to know that you had everything to succeed, tasted it, but lost it.  Overall it is pretty easy to make a short term change, just go to a gym and see how packed they are in January.  A sustainable, lasting change, can be more difficult but much more rewarding.

Off the top of my head I’m thinking this could apply to time management, finances, and of course ministry (specifically discipleship).  What other things do you see thinking long term and being sustainable could apply to?

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