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Family Worship?

What’s that?

I’ll never forget reading Rick Warren’s book, “Purpose Driven Life” and having my eyes opened to a much wider definition of the word worship.  Too many times it is seen as simply a synonym for the music time at a worship service.  It is so much more than that.  Then we can get real crazy and start thinking about how families can worship together away from a local church building.  Interesting enough, a number of people are beginning to travel down that road and want to see what family worship might look like on a practical level in their home.  I’ve recently read through one of the latest books on this topic, below are my thoughts on it…

Family worship experiences

First of all I think it is pretty cool that there is enough interest for this book to even be published.  Plenty of people seem to be convinced of why faith building should take place at home, this work by Tim Smith starts digging into the potentially overwhelming how.  Smith opens up with some insight on some basic tips on interacting with kids, one for example is to not default into lecture mode when there are so many other possible ways to communicate.  This is a really good section to give attention to because jumping and doing some of the experiences that he lays without having a vision for them would not be the best use of this work.  The rest of the book lays out a very detailed strategy on how to create a family worship time, each of which are obviously adaptable so that they can be customized to your needs.

It is organized in a very user friendly way and Smith realizes that these things need to be simple, otherwise families could get easily discouraged if this is a completely new concept in the first place.  Some of the experiences are for any time and others are focused on specific occasions and holidays which is an important piece.  The best way to view this book is by seeing it simply as a tool to kick start future years of family worship experiences.  The author provides a solid number of different experiences which appears to be enough in theory to teach parents “how to fish” in this aspect of their faith and how that might express itself.

(Full disclosure: our friends a Randall House provided a free copy of this book in order to encourage authentic and honest feedback.  All of these thoughts are my honest opinion.)

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Jumbo S’mores and Gratitude

My Facebook news feed has been blowing up with people giving a daily post of what they are thankful for.

It’s definitely a healthy thing to do.  Even when there are times if I get frustrated or irritated with a person, situation, or circumstance, if I pull back for more than five seconds and look at the big picture, one word comes to mind, blessed.

Here are some of the reasons for that:

My wife Katelyn, who I’m thankful to have by my side during this wild ride called life.  It really is amazing to have a spouse who shares core values with you and can buy into the idea that we are a team with a similar vision and mission.  We also just enjoyed a great Thanksgiving break with both our families.  I do not use this word often but that time was, well, precious.  I am also thankful for having a purpose in life, food, too many clothes, a place to call home (temporarily), scholarships, overall health, jobs, excitement of meeting new friends and reconnecting with previous ones, no pressure to be perfect, hope for eternity, and baseball.

On a random note, something else we are thankful for is that we have discovered jumbo marshmallows that make jumbo s’mores like the one below possible!

Jumbo S’more!

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Don’t Blink!

Life is short.

This became obvious to me recently as Katelyn and I went back to Morehead State for homecoming weekend.  It is amazing how in such a short time so much can change.  Not only are the facilities around campus updated, but the town itself has been updated with new businesses such as Cracker Barrel, Jimmy Johns, and a frozen yogurt joint…well played Morehead.

In just 2-3 short years so much has changed in our connections and relationships there.  It was awesome to reconnect with friends and catch up on each other’s lives.  In the same way that the physical surroundings changed, the faces of the people at school have now changed too.  In a brief time, I only know a couple of current baseball players and have not met the brand new coaching staff.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes event (2009)

When looking back, there is a common thread that exists between the friends that we can pick right back up with and it makes them different from the people that we have drifted from over time.  The connections that seem to have a stronger foundation were the ones that we truly shared life with.  Being an athlete placed us in a certain subculture and helped us form a bond with others quickly in this community.  Living together definitely can help people connect and grow closer, but even that does not guarantee a genuine life long relationship.

The one thing that seems to be the real connector is faith.  When a group shares questions, encouragement, struggles, victories, and other experiences in regards to their faith it is usually a deeply personal transaction.  Granted, this can be a risky road to travel. We are left more vulnerable in these relationships than many feel comfortable being.  But with high risk comes high reward.  From having a community of people we shared life with, we can see people we haven’t seen in years and be genuinely excited for them and feel an instant re-connection.

The bottom line is this, what we leave behind in life is very important.  The ripples that we make in our time on this earth will last much longer if they are based on relationships, especially those that share their faith together.  This is becoming more relevant to us as we look down the road and the prospect of having children.  Just living with them will not be enough to create a lasting bond.  Our faith needs to be on our hearts and our primary goal needs to be impressing that faith on the next generation.  This is a sustainable legacy and it requires that we keep the main thing the main thing.  We don’t have a huge window of opportunity either, so don’t blink!

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Nate and Katelyn, a quick history

To catch you up on how our married life began, I thought I’d share this video.  We figured what better way to begin our wedding reception than by simultaneously launching our non-serious Hip hop artist careers!

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