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“Biggest Loser” Theology Part 1

Pay attention, you can always learn something.

It is pretty obvious to that who you surround yourself with makes a big difference.  Not only that, but everything else that you expose yourself to can also have an impact whether it be music, TV, movies, or social media and blogs.  There are times when it can be a running joke about how ridiculous the latest reality show can be.  I get it.  If you would have told me 5 years ago that there would be enough interest to warrant a show about auctioning off storage containers I would have laughed..at the idea of course, not you.  Recently, however, I’m seeing that something can be learned from just about anyone.  Some times it can be from what a person is doing really well, or on the other hand a lesson can be learned by other’s mistakes.  I have heard it said that a wise man learns from his mistakes, but a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others.  One example of learning from an unlikely source for me has been the inspiring show, the Biggest Loser…

TV Show/Competition

TV Show/Competition

There is one big idea that I have already gained from watching just a couple episodes of this show:

Without a “why” there is no way

It can be said for many things, but as humans we are driven by and motivated by values and beliefs that are deeper than the rest.  Everyone on the Biggest Loser show did not casually show up because it might be something cool to do.  One man was in a car wreck and his kid was injured because his front seat failed and slammed into his son.  He felt that his son’s injuries could have been avoided if he did not weigh so much.  Others were confronted with the harsh reality that they will likely die soon, if they continue on their current path.  I do not know about you but those are pretty solid reasons and motivations to have a purpose behind taking action.  No wonder they are putting themselves through this brutal process of life change.

Everyone has a “why” behind their actions, they may not be the most logical or the best, but it is there nonetheless.  Are we happy with the “why” and the driving force behind the decisions that we make?  Are our lives driven by a purpose that honors God, or by other selfish motives?  Not an easy question, I invite you to wrestle with that question with me.

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